Dan’s naughty leg Milagro

When I was working on the leg mosaic Dan asked for one for him as he has been having some weakness in his legs and balance problems.  I told him I did not want to add him to the friend milagro piece because that one was already planned out but told him I would  do one just for him.  I picked up a new leg at Curiosities and it is not overly girly at all, in fact the jointed part is rather manly if you know what I mean. There is something very phallic about the ball joint that connects to the leg. So well, it is perfect for him. The actual china doll leg will hang in front of the mosaic board and I am thinking about maybe scoring & breaking many squares for the mosaic. It should go fast if I do not change my mind and decide to get bogged down with a lot of intricate hand nipping.  Below is the background artwork that I will work on top of. I may add paint and ink drawing to it, not sure at this point. Need to see it printed out. I used the macro lens and got some fun close ups of the leg today.

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