show and tell day

The cat milagro is progressing and I am posting pics per Becca’s request.  Thank you, Apryl, for the cat form.  I am applying a silver glazed ceramic tile to the substrate and have included one sacred heart glazed tile to the brow.  On one side of the figure you can see the tail and the other side will include symbols inspired by the Hamsa hand from Israel.  This milagro is called, Prayer for a Purrfect and Fine Day.  I will build and attach a mandorla to the back.  I have several ideas in mind for how that might look.  One is a mandorla of blooming cacti and the other is a design based on some of the old Spanish milagros that remind me of lace patterns.

Prayer for a Purrfect and Fine Day

Here you can see the Hamsa hand with details of a bird, fish and an eye.  The hand milagro has a sparkling blue gem in the center of the eye.  The cat will have the same symbols and I plan on using a piece of blue gold for the eye piece.

My small arm milagros are also progressing.  Here you can see the workings on the back of each piece.  These seem precious and curious.  Each arm has been wrapped in chording.  I am not sure why and am eager to do some research on the symbolism.

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One Response to show and tell day

  1. artpaw says:

    I love the cat. Love the arms too. I am excited about how cool everything is going to look together. What a purrfect title ” Prayer for a Purrfect and Fine Day”. Thanks for posting! Keep the images coming ladies ( when you have time) … seeing your work is a great inspiration to keep pushing.

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