What do you think?

Hey Gals,

Today is Milestone #3 for the game I created for myself called Freedom to Create.  I added the idea of creating a Fan Page on Facebook for our show, Tres Milagros, as one of the milestones.  Are we ready for a fan page?  I only want to create it with your approval.  The fan page will serve as advertising and will assist us in gathering interest for the show.  So, what do you think?  Are we ready for a fan page?

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2 Responses to What do you think?

  1. artpaw says:

    Yes, count me in! How fun that just this week I was eager to share the blog with a cyber pal because her mosaic work made me think of your work Katrina. It is time. I can help figure out how to make the blog auto post to the fan page. I am eager to start sharing the show, it feels very real. Yes, ready to step into it. How about you Apryl?

  2. Apryl says:

    I’m totally cool with that! That means we should meet soon to start the collaborative piece! Katrina gets back on the 8th? What days work for you ladies? I’m in town and flexible until July 4th!

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