What I am learning

The show theme has opened up a lot for me creatively.  Since I started working in mosaics in 2007 the medium has been primarily a vehicle for learning, play and escape. I have always chosen subjects that are out of the norm and subjects that have had no particular deep meaning to me personally. While I “like” squid, bugs, and robots, they really are not that close to my heart. I was never a child that collected bugs, played in the ocean or embraced sci-fi. I think I enjoy these subjects because they are so easy to stylize and reinvent. A tree needs to look like a tree, a person should look like a person, robots and bugs can be any color shape or size. Because I am not emotionally attached to them I have nothing on the line and there is no risk.

The theme of Milagros has made me think.  I am thinking about meaning in my work, but more than that I am thinking about the people and things in my life that really matter. Creating artworks that are small prayers for people I care about is wonderful yet awkward. If you have spent your entire life avoiding organized religion how do you suddenly say your prayers out loud, and then stick them under gallery lighting?  It is not painful, yet it is risky, and there seems to be much on the line.  So I guess I am learning to take risks with my work.

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One Response to What I am learning

  1. Apryl says:

    I feel the same way Rebecca! Things have been hard for me lately and I’m finding that my art is opening me up to my emotions!

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