Photographing Mosaics

Today I borrowed Rebecca Swann’s light booth to shoot Kat’s arms.  I think I will start using her set up for smaller works. I am not 100% thrilled with the results all the time. It tends to flatten things a bit and does not catch iridescent shimmer the way you can catch it with natural lighting. With that said, I do think the results are better than what I have been doing and will be able to be more controlled than outdoor shooting. I want to play more.

Below is a shot taken in her booth:

Same piece outdoors:
The depth of field is all wrong on this shot with too much focus on background.

The shot above was taken in studio light booth on white paper. I like the gradient paper, but prefer white grounds for the book.

I still have a lot more playing around to do before I figure out the best settings and hope to get help from Dan on this soon, or possibly Kris Hundt. They can both help me with my camera settings.

Shot above was studio light booth.

Same piece above shot outdoors.

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2 Responses to Photographing Mosaics

  1. this is an amazing advance for us!!! the pieces look beautiful Rebecca! I can’t wait to get mine to you…should be about 2 weeks! I will have the Leg, the Bus and the Belly!

  2. katrinadoran says:

    It is interesting to see the works upside down. I want the arms to go up and yet, these look good. Keep playing with the photos. You will get them where you like them. I trust your work.

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