guadalupe in action

so I am almost done with the Guadalupe!  I spent some time at Juli Hulcy’s place yesterday and saw some of her pieces.  I noticed that she uses fire polished glass for the background a lot and I think that’s what I will do with my Virgin piece.  I was looking for a way to crazy pave with bigger tesserae and that’s it!

the belly is done!  I am seriously thinking of not grouting!  what a relief!  and the only thing missing is the plaster on the arms…I’m hoping to spend some time with Katrina either on the phone or in person for some help with that.  I’ve never worked with plaster before!

I used Juli’s saw to cut some hands out for my next piece.  It will be the four hands of my family hanging from an adobe style house milagro.

also working on the flames and wings for my hearts…lots of ideas at once!  need to get cracking!

and when are we getting together?  we need to start our collaborative piece right?!



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I like to break things and make them beautiful.
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3 Responses to guadalupe in action

  1. artpaw says:

    Yes we need to get together soon! I want to come visit with you some afternoon while you work so I can film you working.

  2. katrinadoran says:

    Yes, let’s get together. Do we want to work on Wedi for the substrate of the collaborative piece? Today I was considering the panel boxes Becca uses….what do you think is best? If we use Wedi I will pick up a sheet for us and cut it into 3 pieces. Plus, I can get the mirrors.

  3. Apryl says:

    I’m not familiar with the panels you are talking about so I’ll defer that decision to you ladies.
    Thanks for getting the materials Katrina! What days work for you two?

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