And 11 hours just flew by…

Katrina worked with me on Sunday. It was really great to be working on mosaics this weekend and  it was great fun to get to work along side a friend. I have worked with Katrina on assorted projects and past shows however I seldom get the opportunity to work along side her on an actual mosaic, while she works on a project of her own. We had a lot of fun. She said something that stuck with me and left me with a feeling of calm because I know it will work. She said her goal is to do one thing a day towards the show ( see last post). I am taking this on as well. I have done this in the past in regards to marketing my business and so I know it works, it works really well in fact.

We worked from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. When I got up from the table I was not stiff or tired, just energized and excited about our projects and about the show. We both got a lot of work done.

Apryl, I look forward to working with you soon. Your peaceful and balanced approach to the work and to the show is a huge influence on myself and I think Katrina as well. You are both role models for me on how to take on a lot in life and not feel overwhelmed. When it comes to balancing what seems like too much work in life Katrina sees it as a game and she applies creativity to the whole process. Apryl, you seem to have a magic “zen approach” to it all and while I am not with you much and do not know what is really going on in your head, from the outside it just looks like you are breathing, yes the whole process looks as easy as breathing for you.

I will order the cradle boards today for the mirrors.

Please do keep the blog posts coming gals. I love seeing what yall are up to, and hearing your thoughts on it all.

lol …. look how neat Katrina’s half of the table is

Katrina’s Sacred Heart Cat Milagro, (wip).

My hand “mosaic-mosaic” (wip)

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