There are some things that just take their own time. Today, I finished one of the first milagros I started when we began this journey.  It is small.  I had thoughts that it should be easy to finish, that it would go quickly because of its size, because I liked the pieces I was using, etc.  None of those thoughts got the work done.  I allowed myself to give the work some space and I allowed myself time to find the right materials to finish.  Funny, the backside took almost as long as the face.  I call this work, She walks in, Dreamtime. 

A child’s china doll leg sits on broken dishes.  The pattern in the dishes makes me think of Africa or tribal cultures.  The colors are of the earth.  A radiant halo of natural blue-green colored stones are the colors of sky and grass.  The soft blues of the stones remind me of a type of turquoise referred to as dreaming turquoise.  There were times during the making of this small piece where I would start crying, softly, like a gentle rain.

I feel poetic.  I wonder if it is the after-effects of  Dan’s birthday party where his friends read him their favorite poems. 

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4 Responses to Allowing

  1. artpaw says:

    I love this!!!! The title is lovely too.
    WOW. I want to see the back:)

  2. artpaw says:

    The sock and shoe speak to me of a western person over dressed for Island life, but then she is Walking in Dreamtime after all.

    I love it … many stories can be imagined with this one.

    • katrinadoran says:

      There are times when I imagine I am that girl travelling, learning, exploring archetypes, wondering, how do I fit in? What do these symbols mean to me? How can I possibly understand what they mean to others from worlds not my own?

  3. I love this…it reminds me of palm trees on a hot tropical night. Beautiful.
    I also completed something that I have been sitting with for a long time. I grouted the belly last night. I hope to get some of the plaster done today on the arms. And my goal tomorrow is to FINISH the background on Guadalupe. I want to grout her by next weekend. I am starting Sonia’s workshop on Wednesday and I don’t feel ready. My ideas aren’t here yet. I will bring the pieces ready to be photographed tomorrow!

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