Sunday Recap

Thanks guys for working with me on Sunday. As we move forward to the goal post these group work days will really serve to keep me grounded and balanced, you two give me confidence that all will go just as planned, with ease and joy.

I guess our next work meeting should be all about the altar piece.

My Notes For altar:
Personal elements: Hand, poinsettia, feather
Colors: Red, gold aqua, black
Extras: Actual Milagros … encrusted look

Here is a link to Rex Art Cradle Boards:

Looks like the 17 x 22’s are actually around $17. The 10 x 10 is $7.40 The sweet little 6 x6’s are only $5.30.

Assorted work pics:

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3 Responses to Sunday Recap

  1. katrinadoran says:

    Girls, I think we should add some greens to the blue/aqua Opus Romano border on the altar pieces. It will make the blues more like turquoise. I enjoyed working together on Sunday too.

  2. artpaw says:

    I like more color always.
    Hey, had an idea this morning we can play with or not. If we find covering the entire outer frame in milagros is cost prohibitive we could build a small flat ledge in the front bottom of the frame that is maybe 2 inches tall and 1/2 inch deep. It gets encrusted with Milgros and it holds the glass tube on top of it that holds our personal prayers of thanks that we write. You then have the milagros in front getting a bigger bang for the buck. We still work the other iconic elements in too as we discussed, however maybe we search out some small brassy tess that will compliment the milagros, used sparingly. Just one possible idea on the back burner. I know we need to start playing with stuff before the design really takes shape.

    • katrinadoran says:

      Becca, this is a good idea. I like the feel of it. Our original idea of encrusting the sides of the panels reminded me too much of the made-for-tourists works so commonly seen in gift shops. I like those pieces yet want us to create something new with our works.

      I’ve been thinking about the making of art that is deeply personal after listening to Terri Thoman last night. I had no idea we would all be creating works for this show that call up powerful expressions of self. I am also thinking and reflecting upon all the work of Jung and his ideas that we are all connected, and our discovery of those connections often arise in the symbols we are attracted to.

      Because we are creating this show together, I keep looking for what’s missing, the presence of which would make a difference in my works. And similar to Terri’s story, what I am allowing to surface is not always pretty. What arises is a freedom and strength that is visible to me through all of us. I am curious to see how the show gets translated to the viewers.

      I am grateful to have you and Apryl on this journey with me.

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