Safe Passage

Today I am going to glue & prep the board for Safe Passage. Lola has a light work day today so I may rope her into helping me with some assorted mosaic stuff this afternoon when she gets in.

Safe Passage is about a prayer for safe travels and creative adventures for the upcoming trip to Italy. It is born out of a slight fear of flying and as I start adding tess to the hands it is my hope that it will become a piece that is much less about fear and more about creativity and shared adventure. In class on Tuesday I asked the girls to pick a color for their hands and to give me a piece of tess from their stash. As I work the hands  that represent each artist I will be imagining the terrific projects they will create.

Dan and I are both taking our own vacations this year. I use to be such an independent spirit, having been single for 36 years. These days I find when we are separated I do not sleep well. On solo trips I do well for the first few days and then I start to miss him. I think Italy will be such a huge overload of amazing sights and the company will be so great that I will not have time to worry about being homesick.

All I know for sure as I plan to enjoy the making of this mosaic, other than the alter piece it is the last of the medium large boards I will work on for the show. I know I can get it done in August, but it will be a lot of cutting.

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