My Mother Sends Me Red Birds

So I grouted my small red bird project and while it is lovely it does not look like my work and it does not really speak to the personal story that inspired it.  When I showed it to Dan I complained that yes it is “pretty” but that I never think that “pretty” is really enough by itself when it comes to art or anything really. He suggested I make it part of a larger work, rolling my eyes I realized that he was right. So I got on-line and studied cardinals and looked for stories or myths relating to the red birds, and I thought about my own story and my Mom. So now this small 7 inch long piece will be on top of a 12 x 9 piece that has the following words repeated in the background:

“There is an old Cherokee myth about how the red bird gets its color. In this story a brown bird helps out a wolf that had been tricked by a fox. The fox packed red clay on the wolf’s eyes as he slept and when he woke he thought he was blind. The wolf cries out for help. This ordinary brown bird comes along and pecks at the clay removing it from the wolf’s eyes and the bird is then covered in red clay dust and he sees his reflection  in the water. In my own mythology  my Mother sends me red birds, she sends red birds to me in very large numbers, they are for peace, and for courage.  When I was a small child she told me that red birds are good  luck. When you see a red bird you can make a wish and get a new red shirt if you are a boy or a new red dress if you are a girl.                                                                   

                                                                                                My mother sends me red birds.”

Below is the digital collage work that will be glassed over and the general layout. The small wood frame on the bird will be painted bronze. It is starting to look more like my work now.

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7 Responses to My Mother Sends Me Red Birds

  1. Rebecca.
    This is beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes. This is the kind of piece that Tres Milagros is about…prayer.
    I have been praying a lot lately. And it is showing in my art as well. I feel blessed to be on this path with you.

  2. artpaw says:

    Thank you so much Apryl. You and Katrina both inspire me to push harder with my work. Your recent post about reworking chasing illusion made me realize if it is not done yet then it is not done. I needed to speak to the full story a bit. It is not any old bird after all.

  3. Oh yes, definitely looks like your work now! Though I liked it before, too, now it’s got that added Rebecca twist. 🙂

  4. artpaw says:

    Thanks Christine for stopping by:) I can’t wait to finish this one.

  5. S. Chuck McCarter says:

    First of all I really like your work. I think our work has some similar character and style as well as your subject (of real interest)

    I am new to Dallas recently moving from Salado Texas, a small village north of Austin.

    Having been an art professor for a number of years, most notable: Anderson University, South Carolina, Longwood University, Virginia,William Carey University, Mississippi and as of late University of Mary Hardin Baylor, and am looking to establish myself with Dallas artist.

    I am a painter averaging at least two exhibits per year. (Austin Waco)

    My next body of works will deal with the intrigued of “mother goddess”. I am an avid reader of Joseph Campbell and use his “The Power of Myth” as a spring board into my thoughts/works

    Additional I have curated the following national and international exhibits:

    1st International Exhibit of South Carolina Artist to Rome Italy
    Jasper Johns Longwood University
    Milton Avery Longwood University

    • katrinadoran says:

      Thank you for taking the time to look at our works in progress. We do hope you will attend the show. I believe you also sent me an email? I have been off the computer for a while and may not have responded. If so, my apologies and please write again if that is the case.

  6. Hi Chuck- Welcome to Dallas. Love your crow that you showed at the Croft Gallery!

    Thanks for the praise. Hope you will be able to make it to our show opening September 23rd… it will run till the middle of November. I think you will really like the works. Katrina is really exploring symbols for prayer in different cultures. Apryl is creating some very personal works and My own work is also very personal in nature and has really challenged me these past 8 months.

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