Sunday Recap and Moo cards

Hey guys, thanks again for working with me on Sunday and for the yummy food and drinks. I forgot to take photos of the work table yesterday.

My notes on the Alter are the following:
We have a few tiles we are pretty sure we love and we want to meet with the antique mirror gal to see what scraps she may have on hand. Katrina created a great beginning sketch and I think Apryl and I should either add to that or also start from scratch and come up with a preliminary drawing as well. I may wait until we have nailed down the mirror pieces to start my sketching, but I will start looking at patterns now for inspiration.

I am going to load my moo cards below so you can see the back on my card. I think when they come in I would love to swap a few cards with yall so I have some of your cards in my deck to give away. I left the back casual without last names ( mostly due to size limits on the vertical layout). I think casual will work well as my goal is to hand these out to people that we know, meaning the local mosaic community as a sort of  a “save the date reminder”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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