Eyeballs and Ink

Yes, Sunday was a good workday.  I like the focus and running ideas by one another.  I like building trust with one another and notice I begin to trust myself more as we go along.  Plus, we just have a lot of fun!

I am having to balance my commissions with the show and there are just times when all I want to do is work on the show, and then there are times when all I want to do is work on the commissions.  I inherited a bunch of songs on my new-to-me computer and decided to sort through some of them the other day.  Lo and behold, I discovered a song called Saint Lucy! Saint Lucy is one of my milagro inspirations.  She is the patron saint of the blind, of people who have lost their way, and of the gondoliers in Venice where I will be travelling in the fall.  My Mom has had two successful surgeries on her eyes this year and I am praying for my own eyesight being clear and having clear vision in the metaphorical sense.

St Lucy by Catie Curtis 

I woke up dreaming in romance languages

Tangled stories by ghost writers

But more like screaming like my eyes in bandages

All around me your flowers

Oh, Saint Lucy

I can’t find the place where I need to be

Oh, Saint Lucy

Lend your eyes, to me….

I recently rearranged my studio space so I could work in the air conditioning.  It’s up to 105 degrees here in Texas and the heat was getting to me.  I now have a nook with one of Judith Lea Perkins’ match boxes on display to remind me I can do all I’ve set out to do.  And, it’s cool!

Notice the talavera salt dish in the corner?  Saint Lucy’s eye is inspired from the colors of this dish and is similar to the eyes of protection found along the Mediterranean coast.

Rebecca showed me a short animation at her house on Sunday, giving me the inspiration for the background to the leg milagro for tattoos.  I finished the squid on the leg and will place the tattooed leg floating over a Japanese ocean and setting sun design.

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One Response to Eyeballs and Ink

  1. artpaw says:

    Great post. LOL, I am so glad you enjoyed the visuals on that animation, you certainly captured the movement in this sketch! I really do covet this one. Eve needs to see this:)
    I too enjoy the work days, you guys gave me a whole new perspective on the cardinal piece.

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