Huginn and Muninn

This weekend I took a break from show projects to hang out with a few of the gals from class and make ATC  cards. I did a Scottie with butterfly wings and worked on two Ravens. They were going to be crows but I think they look more like Ravens and after studying a little mythology they are now Ravens for sure. I created one with stained glass and one with Smalti. I really love the Smalti bird a lot and have decided to use him in the show. I will create another very similar bird out of Smalti that will face in to this guy and they are going to be Huginn & Muninn.  In Norse Mythology Huginn & Muninn ( memory and mind) are a pair of Ravens belonging to the god Odin and they fly all over the world bringing him news & information. I love this idea and that such a pair of magical birds could give someone so much power years ago.  Today info is so cheap and available with the internet. The birds will have a small eye milagro over one bird and a hand milagro over the other. The eye of course is the all seeing aspect of the birds and also refers back to Odin who only had one eye. The small hand is the holding of information and hence the holding of power.

Muninn ( WIP)

So after doing one bird all in thin glass and one in Smalti I am starting to see the attraction of Smalti, and the fun of chunky texture in materials. What I do not know yet is how to make it my own and how to combine it with my mixed media collage approach. This will be a fun challenge going forward with my work and may take a year or longer to resolve, but I am excited to be starting now. In this case I think I will mount these two small cards on a small board and that board may have some sort of collage element to it and will be covered in clear smalti or stained glass or a combo of the 2.

Thursday I am setting the ring saw up in the kitchen and Lola and I are going to cut and cut and cut for Safe Passage. I really want to get after that large project this week.

I got my Moo cards this weekend and have already handed some out. I hope you guys have your cards by now as well.

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