New Image Options on postcard

Hey girls I have a few new image options and also a couple of possible postcard design mock ups that would include multiple images each. The only problem with that is I like the idea of only 3 images and the show name being Tres Milagros. So if we go with only 3 images we will need to nail down which 3 images.

First the new 3 image layout options:

Ok now here are a couple of multiple image postcard designs. I am not sure if they will allow us to submit a final postcard design or if they prefer to lay it out themselves. These images below are only quick mock ups and I would need a few hours to tweak any final design choice as the grid is not precise yet. I could create and submit an entire card design on Weds. or I can just submit 3 high resolution images as requested tomorrow. I need yall to give me some input.

Look these over and try to get back with me later tonight. I will be out of the office all day tomorrow so I need to hear from you guys tonight and I can try and e-mail any needed files first thing in the morning.

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One Response to New Image Options on postcard

  1. katrinadoran says:

    I like the second layout of three images. The artwork follows the listing of our names so what people see and what they read will correlate.

    I also agree with you about just using three images because we are the Tres Milagros.

    Thanks for doing the work with this.

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