Art Blogging Inspiration

Went over to Barnes & Noble last night to see if I could pick up a copy of Cloth Paper Scissors. Becky D. told me a pal of hers had seen my mosaic article already. Yay! I am very eager to see it … I am sure the editors will probably send me a complementary  copy soon ( crossing fingers) . The new issue is not on the stands yet at B.N.  …. darn. I still have not seen it.

I did not want to waste a trip over to the book store so I picked up a copy of Artful Blogging. It is such a lovely magazine and I felt pretty old school as I fondled the lovely printed paper and then grabbed my i-pad to follow through to some cool on-line blogs. Check out The Fancy Farm Girl Blog. Is that a cute name or what?

I love magazines and printed works. I really hope print does not go away … if anything I think publishing will just become more and more high end “boutique” oriented in nature. Some day the very scarcity of newsstands and bookstores will make the ones that do survive even more in demand.  I think art books and art publications will always have a place in the world, anyway I hope so.

When I finish this up I will pass it on to you Apryl & Katrina … it can make the rounds.   There are some pretty good tips on SEO at the back of the magazine. In fact thinking about those tips, I just changed this title from ” Blogging Inspiration” to “Art Blogging Inspiration” …who knows, maybe that will tickle the engines.

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One Response to Art Blogging Inspiration

  1. katrinadoran says:

    I can’t wait to see your article!

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