Car Milagro!

5×7 wip Car Milagro

I had wanted to do a car milagro and today it sort of sprung into being. I had a bag of parts out because I was working on the mechanics of hanging Dan’s leg on his leg Milagro and all of a sudden it just sort of happened.

Why I am going to love this piece:
The golden car Milagro charm: given to me by Apryl
The5x7 substrate: given to me by Dave S.
The toy rubber car wheel: found while walking
The big black rubber ring on the bottom: found while walking
All of the other washers and parts including gold tiles: given to me by Joyce W.

My own car history:
In high school I drove a 1972 cougar convertible, it was so sizzling hot and it gave me confidence. Yes it broke down on occasion, but it looked amazing when in motion.
I sold it for a full sized Ford Explorer truck to move to California and follow some boy. That vehicle was built strong, yea built strong just like mens’ underwear and I know it is still on the road somewhere. I use to have a naked Ken doll that road on the dash board … yea, like the truck itself was not butch enough.
In my late 20’s I bought my 1st new car … a tiny Capri convertible, I was girly and hot once again. By the time I met Dan it was falling apart, but hey it was still much better looking than his 1970’s Aspen Station Wagon. OMG …his family called it the dragon wagon, and it had no air and very bad shocks. Our first year of dating was the “summer of the slurpee“… riding around in that thing we had to stop at every 7-11 for a frozen drink.
At some point we traded the Capri in for a used Sebring convertible … once again very hot & sexy, although it became Dan’s car since I worked at home and I got to drive his dragon wagon…. hated it.
Then …. the return of a car purchase akin to men’s underwear … the used 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee! It was his car at first … rugged, good looking and large. So I drove the Sebring for awhile and loved it, although it leaked when it rained.When gas soared to $3.00 a gallon we bought Dan the Honda Hybrid and I got the Jeep. I would love a new car, but like I said, the dam thing is built like men’s underwear …. it will sorta last forever, so I will stick with the Jeep for as long as I can.

So …. we are actually in a good place with cars finally …. knock on wood. Today I know a few gals that struggle with car repairs, including the sweet blue haired lass that works for me. This milagro is a general prayer for safe travels, and reliability for several of my friends.

Pocket milagros:
I will also be doing a  few very small  pocket car milagros that will be specific in nature with maps behind them. I found some volkswagon charms on Etsy and that will be perfect for Lolas’ pocket milagro  ( she drives a lime green volkswagon) … I will place a New Orleans map in the background because that is where she is right now with her boyfriend.

I really do not need to be going off on this car tangent with several other show works needing to be finished, but I love the idea of the car milagro. When our cars are not working it is a drain on everything, we have to be in motion and we have to be moving forward.

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