Lassie with a Brassy Chassis

Ready For Grouting ( sorry for the flash photography)

Ok so the title is lame, Dan is the poet, not me. This one is ready for grouting and I’m trying to figure out which grout will best tone down the brassiness of the gold. I am pretty sure I will use brown, but do I do dark tobacco brown, or the rich colorful Aztec reddish-brown?  The redder brown will either offset the high acidic brassy yellow or it will make it even more brassy? I dunno, instincts are telling me to see how the reddish brown plays out. Going to let is sit for a day so the glue hardens well.

I am loving the childlike drawings I did with gold paint pen of the car ( see detail). These quick flash shots do not do this one justice, it is pretty rich looking, tons of tiny tess. I used carroltons, tile and glass. I really like the clear glass with the grid pattern, this one is begging to be touched, lots of texture.

I have been working hard all week on mosaics. Things slowed down a bit with the pet portraits so I have been sneaking a little mosaic work in almost every day. I am hoping Apryl & Katrina will be able to work with me next Sunday.

I found some lovely embroidered tops in Lakewood and bought a pink one, it makes me think of Katrina in her fancy Mexican dresses and tops. This one has curtain fringe on the edges, I feel like a hippy in it. I look like a deer in the headlights. I was supposed to see my Dad this weekend but he canceled on me so I guess it is time to start on Safe Passage, I think I can complete it within 17 days.

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