Milagro Source on Etsy

Found a milagro supplier I like on Etsy this morning that ships from San Antonio. I purchased a bronze and silver assortment. Apryl if you want a few of these let me know, I decided to get some metal colors that are different from your gold so we will have more to play with for our  smaller works.

They also have tin ornaments like the mermaid below.

The shop is: Alamo2003

Another cool shop that has fun day of the dead stuff is tesoromexicano, check out the sugar skull pin below, only $18.95. This shop is homed in Austin Texas.

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One Response to Milagro Source on Etsy

  1. oooh. I like the bronze! yes…I will take some! and I want one of those sugar skulls! very cool. well, I am in upstate New York and enjoying the very cool weather. highs in the 80s and lows in the 50s. brought a small project with me. hoping to get some work done towards the end of the week when the event busy-ness slows down. I miss you guys. and cannot believe we are so close!!!

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