Work Day A Long Recap

What a productive day! Apryl got Proud Mary Grouted ( showing only a thumbnail sneak peek to the right) , Katrina almost finished her spiky new creation and the gals have the entire alter planned out. We talked about titles, pricing and show details.I have been so busy with show projects I have had very little time to plan for my upcoming trip to Italy, however I now have one item on my check list that I know will be going with me and that is the thoughtful present from Apryl! I had no idea there was a Patron Saint of Dogs. One of my biggest fears when I travel is that my dogs will not be happy while I am away or something will happen to them. Saint Roch will be with me at all times… thanks Apryl for such a thoughtful present.

I took photos of our works in progress and did not even think to shoot Nacho, Apryl’s new puppy! It was fun meeting the new puppy … he is so sweet, I will have to visit again and bring Whitman.

Ok so …. discussion notes:
• PRICING: we used a formula and worked through a few pieces to get to some prices that would give us a living wage. We compared our fine art wages to the cost of veterinary services, child care and flipping hamburgers. We all agree that we want to earn more than fast food workers. I brought printed copies of Lee Ann Petropulos’s blog rant on art pricing.

• Apryl mentioned project time tracker apps for the i-pad so I did a search and I am trying out Office Time lite for free.

• We talked about future projects we want to do including a Witch that Apryl wants to jump on right after the show work. Apryl may want to check out Eve Lynch’s creepy piece called ” Undead”. Also Gila Rayberg’s fantasy faces in smalti may serve to inspire.

• Katrina is on a huge creative roll and seems to be feeling like herself again after a difficult month of dealing with migraines and other health challenges. I love to see her happy and excited about her work.

• Me… well I cleaned on two of my projects that had been grouted and I got on my soap box about pricing. I know I act like I know what I am doing when it comes to making a living as an artist, but the reality is I am just very good at selling myself as a commercial artist, when it comes to fine art and the gallery world I am really as clueless as the next guy. I will figure it out though, it is not all that scary, not like we all thought it was in college.

In summary …. we are all in Great Shape for a Saturday delivery on finished works!  Yay! We are going to have a great show.

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