A Jar Of Poems

Late last week we decided we would all do a small project to place on the Alter at our show. I was not really sure at first what I would come up with, but I knew I wanted to honor my husband’s creativity and my canine family.  Over our years together we have loved and lost many very special animals. Last October we had to say goodbye to our Alpha Scottie Big Tommy.  I knew I wanted to create a day of the dead style skeleton of my boy. I then had the idea to create a vessel to store the poems my husband has written over the years about our dogs and the dogs we have known and loved. My first thought was a pretty mosaic bottle, but a bottle is like a long term storage device and due to a slender neck, paper goes into a bottle and does not come out. So my second idea was a Jar of Poems, and the casualness of a mason jar really appealed to me. I fell in love with the title “ Jar of Poems” and I started working hard to complete a small piece over the weekend. I just grouted the top mosaic portion today.

The jar contains over 30 poems written by Dan Collins. My husband has a bad habit of thinking all of his older poems are stale and he is always pushing himself hard to create new works … when I told about this idea I teased him and mentioned that the rubber ring would keep his poems fresh.  I like that we can reach in and grab a poem and read it out loud. We often will read poetry aloud before a meal together instead of traditional prayer.

The 5 stars under Big Tommy represent all of the pets we have lost together: Demos, Phoebe, Atticus, Nessie, and Big Tommy. The 3 stars above him represent our current pack members Ajax, Pickle, and Whitman.

The sides have hands that represent us and the hands are surrounded by Milgaros that have meaning to me. There is a poem on the front under glass.

The show opens in just 2 days! Wow.

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