Thanks To All!

Thanks to all who attended the Tres Milagros opening last night. The show will continue through November 18th so if you missed it there is still plenty of time to drop by. I am very touched by everyone in the Oak Cliff community that dropped by and as always I am very thankful for our mosaic community and the wonderful talented friends we have from the Creative Arts Center in Dallas that support us in all of our  creative endeavours. We will be posting more pics soon from the opening that will include shots of the work, but first I want to post a few family shots. Thanks also to Tisha, Jerry, and Jose for all of their hard work and for providing great snacks, wonderful music and a great evening…. you guys really ROCK!

The Dorans
Denny, Taylor, Katrina

The Begays
( Notah, Santiago, Apryl, Antonella)

My Family: The Collins
Dan, Rebecca and Lola Cash

And My family Again
Rebecca, Apryl, Katrina

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One Response to Thanks To All!

  1. katrinadoran says:

    Pulling a show together and doing it well takes a team. Thank you, Apryl and Rebecca, for your courage, resiliance, strength, and passion. Thank you, to the team at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center. Gary, Jerry, and Tisha, you were all willing to work with us in the midst of all the changes in your own offices during this time period. It was a real treat to work with you. I now feel as if I have some new friends. A big thanks to Jose Vargas for hanging our show. A tricky thing given the various sizes of works. You did a beautiful job.
    And, thanks to all our family and friends. For our families, thank you for giving us the space to create. For our friends, thank you for sharing the creations, and for just showing up so spendidly. One thing we all noticed was how well dressed everyone was for the show. I don’t usually think that matters, except that I noticed that it made me feel special on our opening night. We hope you will continue to visit the show and come out for the community events the first two weeks of November. We will post more about that as we approach the events.

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