Community Project Notes

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Last Saturday we started on a mosaic community project at the Oak Cliff Cultural Center. We are creating the center’s logo in mosaic and adding in some paper Milagros under glass. I say “we” however we are just there to help as the visitors to the center are doing all the work so far. Well that is not totally accurate, Katrina organized the materials and the basic design while Apryl did a lot of pre-cutting. I got the cartoon image transferred on to the board. Now we get to sit back and watch as other people discover the joy of piecing together a mosaic. Everyone that placed tiles down did such a great job, they were fast and really good at keeping a consistent look to the tile placements. I was very impressed.

Katrina does this sort of community work all the time however it is my first one to be a part of and it is really exciting. I was asking Kat about her fancy silver trays that she placed some of the pre-cut tile in and she says whatever it takes to jazz up the experience and get people hooked on Mosaics. I love that.

We will be at the center again on Saturday the 12th from 4:00-6:00 for anyone that wants to come out and play and help us finish up this fun project that we will be leaving with the center.

Special thanks to Juli Hulcy for the use of her sand-blaster!

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