Tres Milagros Winding Down

I can’t believe that the show is closing this next Saturday. It seems like yesterday that we were scrambling to finish our projects. Last Saturday we worked on the community project with a terrific group of people that came out to play with us. The image above is the sky that evening. I really learned so much with this show, and the folks at the Oak Cliff Cultural center were so wonderful to work with.

One thing I learned a lot about with this show is the power of  “Titling” your work. Some projects named themselves and yet sometimes I found myself struggling with names for my work. One of my most personal works was titled ” My Mother Sends Me Redbirds” and it was one of those projects that was very easy to title. I have had so many people tell me stories about their Mothers or Fathers or best friends sending them birds. The title was an entry point into the work and really an entry point into a deeper connection with my viewing audience. I am humbled and honored that people were able to share their own experiences with me the way that they have.

Today I looked on the web for information on titling your artwork  and found a rather goofy tool for “auto generated titles“check it out …
I played with the auto tool a few times and found a phrase I liked “Peacock Denouncing a Briefcase”. I have no idea how the algorithms or whatever spit out titles and you have no way of giving it input.  It is a fun little gizmo, but I don’t think I will be using it for my titles.

I have a list below for further web reading on the subject of Titling Your Art:

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