YAY Encore!

Yesterday we were asked to extend the show 2 more weeks! So the 3 of us showed up at the center today and celebrated the fact that we have sort of been given an encore. Nobody was holding lighters in the air like at a concert, but we met with the new manager of the center  and we agreed to extend the show until December 2nd. YAY…. so anyway,  I’m calling it an Encore! Thanks so  much Rafael.

Evidently the show traffic has been great and there has been much interest in it. We took a few of the sold pieces home to photograph for the book we are doing next year and we will be contacting the owners to see if they want to pick them up now or allow them to continue to be on display throughout the duration of the show extension.

Apryl & Katrina and I  went and had some snacks and a glass of wine afterwards to celebrate and reconnect a bit. What a lovely afternoon with the girls. I shot some video that I will try to upload soon.

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