Wow, a whole month and no posts, well we are done after all, or almost anyway. We still need to hook up and finish the community project. I suppose we girls should figure out what will become of the blog in between Tres Milagros shows. I am sure the New Year will bring new Milagro projects for us all to post about, I hate to let the blog sit for too long even though our next group show will not happen until 2013.

Today I started designing a small anatomical heart project that I may finish in time to enter into El Corazon. As I was glueing my paper down to my board I realized I needed to finish out some commitments to the last show before I enter a new one and so I finally sat down to write out a check for commissions to the City of Dallas. Yay, that felt very good. I will place that in the mail today to the center. Below is the design work for my next mosaic project. It is going to be called Murmer. It is 5 x 18, an odd fun size.

Apryl, you need to try and get out to see the Gaultier exhibit at the DMA when you get home from your travels.  Kat & I went last week with Joyce and the fashions were loaded down with metal Milagros. Katrina was excited to even see an internal organs Milagro on one gown. It is a very cool show and I can’t wait to go again. I think my favorite pieces were the anatomical body suits. The 4rth or 5th slide in the video below shows the muscle suit.

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