My Plan / Tres Milagros 2013

I woke this morning with a very clear plan for the works I will do this next year in preparation for the 2013 show. I had originally thought I would do fewer larger works however I have scrapped that idea and decided I will do the opposite. I am going to work small, nothing larger than 8 x 8 … unless it is a large project composed of many smaller works.

4 quarters … 4 themes:
I am going to work within themes, and I will do one subject per quarter …. all body parts. I have the first 3 subjects chosen: hands, hearts, eyes. I am going to think very briefly about what these symbols mean to me and then I will study them a wee bit throughout art history and see what universal meanings I can find.

My challenges and assignments:
Working small, 4 x 4 or even smaller with trading card size it is tempting to go into production mode and think small size equals quick work that will sell. If I go at it that way I will soon feel like a machine and the joy of making things will evaporate. So instead of thinking about it that way I will be giving myself creative assignments with each batch of work. Maybe one month I will focus on using non traditional mosaic materials, fiber, plastic, metal. Maybe one month I will focus on really letting the drawing aspect of my work shine through. The goal with these smaller works will be to experiment and push myself creatively. Having a simple subject to focus on each quarter of the year will allow me to really explore process, materials and getting outside my comfort zone.

Benefits to working small:
I know scale is a very impressive thing, however by working small I will be allowing myself room in the year for other non-show projects, and that is very important to me this next year. Having these small milagros and simple subjects waiting for me each month means that if I ever do fall into a small creative slump throughout the year, I can surface from it by choosing the discipline of working on my small simple yet wonderful Milagro projects.

Meaning Versus Process:
The mosaics I did for this last show were very much about meaning in my work, and meaning in my life. It would be impossible to make works for a Milagro themed show that do not have a great deal of meaning behind them. This year I will allow those meanings to creep in however they may. I will not for example make each milagro a specific prayer for a specific person, it may end up that some will be very specific in nature, however I really want to focus on experimentation and on process. I am going to allow the meaning to evolve organically and not worry about it being the driving factor in my creating. By placing meaning in the backseat, and focusing on process I really do believe I can get to a deeper level with my work.

A Resource:
My first resource to utilize will be the Creative Arts Center. I will be taking different classes this year to create things that I will use in my mosaic works. Clay or metal enamled hands? Yea baby… 2012 is looking very fun!

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