Apryl Begay
Apryl Begay is a native New Mexican transplanted to Texas four years ago. A world traveler at heart, her mosaic art evokes images of her journeys around the globe, with a special emphasis on Latin America. Before settling in Dallas, she co-founded Las Maganenas Theater Troupe in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The mixed media performance troupe was dedicated to creative self expression as a way to educate communities on social justice issues. Today, Apryl uses her art as a means of processing personal experience and to inspire hope and reflection in her audience.
Apryl studied Cultural Anthropology and Political Science at the University of New Mexico. She is a member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists.
Artist Statement
Each time I begin a mosaic, I begin a journey toward some new place of truth within myself. However painful, however joyful, I seek out these places in order to understand the in between space where balance and harmony exist without extremes.
I choose materials that honor the process I am going through at a given time. Whether it be a celebration of joy, a quest for answers or an exploration of turmoil and pain, the tesserae will tell the story. Surrender brings me closer to a true representation of my present moment.
My work is imperfect. I do not seek perfection. Rather, I see each piece as a part of an ever changing prayer, a celebration of the unexpected and a thanksgiving of the safe and familiar.


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