Rebecca Collins
Rebecca Collins is a mixed media mosaic artist. She counts herself among the fortunate
in that she has been able to create a life that she loves. A commercial artist by day, she runs the highly successful pet portraiture studio By night, indulging her true love, she cuts and glues glass tessera, creating mixed media mosaics that explore a wide variety of themes and subjects. Rebecca’s journey into the world of fine art mosaic has allowed her to combine her digital skills with a profound love of collage, paint, and drawing. She has developed a unique style of working making full use of this versatility. Her ability to move back and forth between traditional media and current digital technology gives her mosaic work a contemporary edge while maintaining the textural richness inherent in mosaic.

Rebecca received her B.F.A. from The University of North Texas. She is a member of The Society of American Mosaic Artists and a member of The National Association of Photoshop Professionals. She is married to a poet and together they play and create in their little east Dallas bungalow beset by three wild terriers.

Artist Statement for Tres Milagros:
I have always been attracted to the process of working in layers whether they are the
physical layers of paper on paper in collage, or digital layers I create designing in
photoshop. To me it is the entangled complexity of perception that creates beauty in life
and art. Everything is seen in a prism of context. My mixed media mosaics combine
glass, ink and paper, found text and objects. All of these elements seek to play upon
one another to tell an elaborate story.

In the body of work I have created for Tres Milagros my intent at the start was simply to
combine the traditional symbols used in Milagros with my own iconography. Yet in the
process I discovered yet another layer, a spiritual one. Typically I work in bold color, but
I found these pieces asking for a more muted, ethereal undertone. While most of these
mosaics started out as a mixture of representation and aspiration, in the making they
have become immediate, precise, and actual prayers for people in my life. It is my hope
that viewers will bring their own vision and aspirations to these works and find in them
personal meditation and prayers of their own. That is the magic of milagro.

If life is a journey it is not a straight one. If finding your voice as an artist is a quest, then
it is taken through a hall of glass and mirror. I feel truly blessed to be living a creative life
that is full of people that support me in my art, that is the miracle I want to honor in
these works.


1 Response to Rebecca

  1. Rafael Tamayo says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    My name is Rafael and I’m the new manager at the OC Cultural Center. I’m writing in hopes that we can get your approval to extend the Tres Milagros show until December 2nd. I’ve spoken with Apryl and left Katrina a message. I’m fairly new in this position but your exhibit has received a great response from what I have seen. I dont have complete access to e-mail through the city, so excuse the informal communication. If you could let me know by e-mail, I’d appreciate it. Thanks, and I’m sorry about the last-minute reach out.


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